Intraday | Mastock Help

When intraday data are available, the intraday menu item, in the “Chart” menu is enabled. Intraday data availability depends on the market exchange.

To navigate from one stock to another, use the stock button 858-line-chart at the top of the screen, or 765-arrow-left and 766-arrow-right to cycle through stocks within the current default portfolio.

Screenshot 2013.09.12 08.25.11

Select the period of time you want to display. All indicators are available, providing there are enough data to meaningfully display them.

See preferences, Intraday, to select a different set of periods.

Screenshot 2013.09.12 08.20.00

Note you can add trend lines, Fibonacci fans and retracement, rectangles and circles on the graph as well as indicators, similar to all other charting periods. These figures are persistent, you have to use “Delete All Lines” to remove them...