To navigate from one stock to another, use the stock button 858-line-chart at the top of the screen and select the stock. Use the Next/Previous 765-arrow-left 766-arrow-right buttons to cycle through the stocks, within the current portfolio. You can select a different portfolio using the 721-bookmarks button.

Screenshot 2013.09.12 07.01.19

To navigate from one period of time to another, use the chart menu (chart button at the bottom), or use three-fingers swipe (see Gestures).

To change the chart density, see
Chart Density.

Screenshot 2013.09.12 08.15.13

To change the display appearance or see another representation of the chart (Kagi, Renko,…), or navigate through time, see the chart menu, pressing the button chart

Screenshot 2013.09.12 08.15.34

To limit the number of stocks displayed, you can select a portfolio with fewer stocks using the top Portfolio button 721-bookmarks. “All” represents all the stocks. Other portfolios represent what you decide they do represent.